My Blog

I read a lot of blog entries as I conduct research on the Web, so when I decided to write a blog of my own, I told myself “No bells and whistles for me”.

It annoys me greatly when I visit a blog so overrun with an overabundance of just-for-pretty photos and worse, click-on-me ads, that it’s hard to read the relevant material.

One popular chicken blogger has her site set to disallow copying text, which is something I often do, using it to create Word files to avoid printing all those extraneous color photos (buy hay, not toner, that’s my motto). That will never happen here. I want my material to be readily available to everyone. To that end, I’m making PDFs of many of my blog entries so readers can download and print or save them. Check out my Freebies: they’re there.

I am not a fancy person and this is not a fancy blog. I hope you like it that way. I’ll eventually sell my ebooks through it and perhaps add a donations button but that’s enough. All I want to do is share the knowledge I’ve gained through 60 years of horse ownership with folks who can use it. If that’s you (and I hope it is), read on.