The main reason I started this blog was to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years with others who love horses as much as I do. To that end, I’ll be making PDFs of many of my blog entries and you can always access them at this page. Simply click on the links and download as many as you like.

I’m also offering some other feebies, like my annual horse resource guide chock full of live links to hundreds of great items on the Web, a horse pedigree form, a horse buyer’s checklist, and an ebook (Horse Tails) containing some history and folklore articles I sold to The Chronicle of the Horse many years ago.

Check back often – I’ll be adding new items all the time.

Chessie and Kiaya are two of our three AMHA miniature mares

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Goaty Stuff

And because I love goats too and I don’t have a goat blog up and running (yet), here are some goat goodies you can also download if you like.